Posted on Sun, 11/28/2010 - 21:08 by Mohammed

save big on disk space for systems with 4 gb or more ram

If you have a Windows pc with 4 gb or more of RAM, you can save big on disk space by disabling hibernation.

"But wait, wasn't hibernation good for me since it allows me to return my pc to the state it was in before hibernation quickly?" right, but the hibernation feature isn't availlable to windows systems with 4 gb or more of ram.

although the feature isn't availlable, windows creates a file that is as big as your ram size called hiberfil.sys, and places it in the root of your c drive.

to turn off hibernation, do the following:

Posted on Sun, 08/08/2010 - 19:59 by Mohammed

Setting up Buffalo WBMR-g54 ADSL wireless router and modem for Orange Jordan's ADSL Service

I live in area where electricity keeps going below 200 v very frequently, and since the ADSL modem that orange Jordan gives us works with 220 v and is very unforgiven for electricity's decrease, it kept disconnecting very frequently. I now depend on the Internet for living, and so I had to look for another solution. a power stapilizer did solve this temporarly, but since it was of bad quality it soon stopped working. The final solution that seems to be working very well was to buy a third party ADSL modem that can work with 100 to 220 v.

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