About me

About me

Mohammed Al-Shara


Mobile: +966561051235
Riyadh – Saudi Arabia

Email: mohammed@atexplorer.com
Website: www.atexplorer.com



Working in a reputable organization where I can utilize my skills and expertise for the benefit of the organization and where I can increase my professional growth.

Personal Information:

Date of Birth: April 2nd, 1976
Place of Birth: Irbid
Nationality: Jordanian
Marital Status: Single


  • 1999 - 2002: High Diploma in English Language and Literature, Yarmouk University, Irbid – Jordan.
  • 1994 – 1998: B.A. in English Language and Literature, Yarmouk University, Irbid – Jordan, with an average of Very Good.
  • 1994 High school, Irbid, Jordan.



  • November 2012 - present: Blind and low vision manager, First Gulf Company Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Job responsibilities include:

-managing the projects that the company is deploying

- communicate with partner’s and suppliers. Some of those companies that I have closely worked with are: Altex, Poland (universal access), Acapella, Belgium (screen reader / speech), Freedom scientific, United states (various assistive products).

-building and maintaining the company’s website at www.fgcaccess.com

-Providing technical support and training for the company’s clients.

-Beta testing  new software.

-Working with various global partners to localize hardware and software.


  • July 2010 –may 2012: technical support manager, Medialog Accessibilities, France.
  • Feb 2009 – July 2010: Technical support for Bassam group, Saudi Arabia. During that time I worked for King Saud university in Riyadh to fulfill a training and operations project with them.
  • June 2006 –Feb. 2009: Worked as Training Executive & Technical Support Person for Nattiq Technologies, Sharja – UAE.


       My job responsibilities include:

  • Providing training on various assistive hardware and software products to both end-users and trainers.
  • Providing technical support by phone and email.
  • Building, administering, and maintaining the company's web portal (www.nattiq.com).
  • Working with the company's partners to test and track software bugs.


  • 2005 – 2006: Worked as IT Manager at Friendship Association of the Blind (FAB).


My job responsibilities included:

  • Building and maintaining the association's website (www.fabjo.org). 
  • Establishing the association's training lab.
  • Various interpretation and translation jobs.


  • 2004 – 2005: Beta testing the Arabic version of Jaws for Windows for Medialog, Lebanon.


  • 1999 –2005: Working for the Ministry of Education as a teacher of English for both sighted and blind schools.

Training Courses & Activities:

  • 2004: Attended a course in Advanced Scripting for Jaws for Windows in Beirut, Lebanon.
  • December 2007: Participated in a workshop about Inclusive Education in Amman.
  • November 2007: Participated in a workshop about the Placement & Employment of the Visually Impaired in India.
  • March 2015: participated in the conference on persons with disabilities and technology in San Diego California.
  • May 2016: SightCity, Frankfort, Germany.

Computer Skills:

  • High proficiency in using and troubleshooting most screen-readers and specialized software.
  • Using, administering, and troubleshooting Windows Operating Systems.
  • Using, administering, and troubleshooting Mac OS.
  • Beta testing IOS versions since v4
  • High proficiency in using Linux-based computers.
  • Administering and maintaining web, FTP, and email servers.
  • Building web applications.
  • Participating in Open Source projects, such as Drupal and NVDA.
  • General networking skills.


Private projects


  • Built administered and designed Blindtec.net, the biggest Arab community website for the technology of people who are blind.
  • Built and administer Acarbooks.org, a library that provides books in alternative formats for people who are blind.



  • English: Spoken and written fluently.
  • Arabic: Spoken and written fluently.


Personality Traits:

  • Hard worker
  • Quick learner
  • Innovative and creative
  • A good team member
  • Ability to work under pressure
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