Frustration with ISP customer care dept

Frustration with ISP customer care dept

Posted on Tue, 01/27/2009 - 03:17 by Mohammed

people all over the world have got to envy us in Jordan for the amazing staff at our ISPs who are well trained to drive a customer crazy.

this afternoon I called my ISP to complain that not all web URLs open at my end unless I type the IP address of those I know, assuming that it is a DNS problem at their end. Of course, he said that they had no such problem at all, and he started to offer me some useless advice to manually input their dns servers, something I had already tried before I called.

I had tried to use OpenDNS servers which did solve my problem. I told him so and said that he should put down this note for the technical department to check the fault. Needless to say that the person at the other end seemed clueless about what I was talking about, and got on the offensive side immediately.

I have always experienced such ignorance at each single occasion I tried to call them. and they always act as if their customer on the other end hardly knows how to operate his PC, always assuming that their customers were inferior to their "great" technical expertees

Honestly, I wish I can remember one incident where calling my ISP wasn't a source of utter dissatisfaction and frustrration.

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