Arab Blind Organizations and Institutions, How Serious are They Taking their responsibilities?

Arab Blind Organizations and Institutions, How Serious are They Taking their responsibilities?

Posted on Fri, 05/05/2006 - 20:33 by Mohammed

Through my work in the field of adaptive technology and through direct contact with various institutions in the Arab world, I have always wondered, how
serious are people in charge taking their responsibilities? How much trained and knowledgeable those entities are to make the right decision?

I do realize that leading an organization for the blind is amongst the most difficult tasks to do, because there are a lot of things that one needs to be
aware of, and that there’s always something new to learn. Key to success is that we blind, or the people in charge of our organizations exactly know what
our rights are, what needs to be achieved, and then set off to getting our rights and accomplishing our missions.

It is not just getting volunteers to do us the job, and getting funds to accomplishing some of the so typical jobs of a charitable association. We, blind
people, have more complex and more essential needs than getting financial support.

One of the things that have always made me feel angry is the very fact that I never learned math or that I never knew how something looks like, back at
school. And no, not because I didn’t want to learn, but simply because people in charge thought that these things can’t be done. We Arabs, sometimes, like
to do things the easiest way. Our leaders like to celebrate their victories regardless of weather those victories are just empty or so superficial.

Our societies are so unaware of our abilities and of the mystery of a blind person, why? Yes, partly because of the fact that we blind people are minorities
but greatly because we never care to raise such an awareness. Our associations don’t care much to speak to the media, and use their powers to force regulations.

We, blind people, shall seek no sympathy, but we need to seek understanding. Blind people want their organizations to give them the necessary tools to achieve
success and to become independent. This is far more important than just supporting some individuals financially.

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